Kyuhyung Cho

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FADE Collection in a collaboration with John Astbury, 2014 Please click the image to see the next

Fade is a collection of vessels and furniture for the bathroom consisting of 13 pieces all derived from the same motif - a low ash table, ash and copper mirror, and a collection of ceramic trays and vessels in parian clay.

Beginning with a period of research on the subject of bathing we began to view it as both ritual and a metaphor for the work. To see ritual and water as both a transforming element and a moment of reflection. This is the foundation for the collection. The aim was the representation of the invisible, of transformation within the objects.

We approached this from two perspectives, East and West. The Eastern view of the object is that it is arising, a result of interaction with its surroundings. The Western view of the object as being, it is itself, only placed in its surroundings. This duality of perspectives was merged into one, an inner form from a Western viewpoint and the outer from the Eastern, the material between the two forms becomes the object and captures a moment of transformation.

Individually each object shows a geometry with a tension shifting between relaxed and tight, while the collection as a whole presented in shifting tones produces a view on bathing as ceremony and nature as a transformative element.

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Photography: Stephanie Wiegner
Ceramics Prototypes: Supawan Sihapoompichit