Kyuhyung Cho

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Flip Lamp, 2015, Please Click the image to see the next

Whether it is the light subtly shifting direction as the sun moves across the sky or the phases of the moon and its changing face, we are all effected by the patterns of movement that we experience with natural light. I wanted to bring this natural movement inside into our homes which has been the inspiration behind the lamp.

FLIP is a pendent lamp made to be moved. The LED lamp is composed of an outer ring and an illuminated central disc that emits light from both of its faces. The disc can be flipped to adjust the light direction. As the disc is rotated and the lamps form shifts from full to half and to crescent, the light atmosphere slowly changes as the balance of direct and indirect light shifts.
FLIP provides a flexible and dynamic light source for home and public spaces.

47cm x 47cm x 3cm
Powder Coated Steel Frame, LED Panel