Kyuhyung Cho

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Poke Hanger, 2013, Please Click the image to see the next

Kyuhyung Cho made a hanger with sticks and two rings inspired by a surrealist, René Magritte, to create poetic imagery in our everyday life. 
The main part of the hanger is a combination of a steel pipe and two solid metal rings which are heavy enough to be stable as a hanger. It is possible to add wood poles to the main part depending on your situation.
When you make a hanger with the main body and wood poles, it displays a surrealistic moment; the small ring floating up in the air without any connection to the ground, poles standing by themselves. Furthermore, you can play with gravity by hanging your clothes or hats on it.

Main Body: Small Ring Ø 180 mm, Large Ring Ø 360 mm, Height 1600 mm
Wood Pole: Ø 25 mm, 1650 mm

+ Featured at Wallpaper August 2013