Kyuhyung Cho

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Talking Drawing, Book, 2008, Please Click the image to see the next

The encounter of intentional and contingent affairs is a daily experience. So is the conversation. When people involve in the conversation, one can expect some possible answers from others but very often the answers are apt to be beyond one's expectations. And some answers have effect on us to converse on the renewed intention. And the more, such intentional conversation can be resulted to provide another with unexpected answers. This kind of answering cycle produces various answers repeatedly. And at the end of the conversation one may get answers far different from the expected ones at first. I tried to get this recurring process into a tool. When it comes to the tool, the process is as follows: Two persons placed between a sheet of paper with holes and a needle and thread on their own choice conveyed to the other through the hole with a certain idea to stitch. After several communications, the result made by them would be somewhat different in style and place of the stitches. Even though the two stitched figures shared the same hole, they showed different outcome of figures, which was similar to the result of unexpected answers in the course of our conversation in terms of the starting point and corresponding result thereof. There are similar but unique figures each other, which represents a series of process where the intentional and contingent affairs happen recurrently in turn.