Although they don’t get as much mainstream attention as, let’s say living rooms, bathrooms are incredibly valuable parts of our homes and people know that. Just look at the real estate trends. Whenever it comes the time to put the house on the market, it is the bathroom and kitchen that add the most value to its value.

So, with the summer season upon us, it looks like a perfect opportunity to give your bathroom some much-needed love and sign it for a due remodeling. No matter whether you are planning to put your property or sale in the near future, improve the functionality of the room, or simply want to shuffle a couple of things here and there, this is the project you want to put on your number one spot.

Well, let us take a look then at a couple of creative ways to give your bathroom a makeover without having to spend a small fortune.

Change the paint and the lighting

Both these moves can dramatically change the way the bathroom looks. Ideally, you should also think about expanding the window space and letting more natural light in. That would elevate the look of the room, make it less humid, and push your bathroom deep into the spa territory.  But, that also requires more substantial investments and we are keeping things budget-friendly. So, paint the bathroom in some calming neutral color (semi-gloss paint is perfect for humid areas) , layer the lighting, and you will get a clean (and moody) slate for whatever moves you want to pull off next.

Go for the Japandi setting

It’s simple and beautiful, and it’s trending around the world, so why not? If you are yet unfamiliar with the term, Japandi is a phrase coined from terms Japanese and Scandinavian (Scandi) and describes the new style that tries to combine the minimalism and simplicity of the first design type with the coziness and functionality of the latter. And since you are effectively moving things out, the money you need to spend is kept under control. So, if you want to explore Japandi, think in terms of natural materials (e.g. wood and bamboo), minimalism, neutral colors, and simple, geometrical shapes.

Experiment with the wallpapers

Wallpapers are a fun and affordable way to experiment with different patterns and color settings. They also make the bathroom maintenance so much easier. So, keep them on your radar, and not only in terms of bathroom walls. If you have old, worn-out cabinets, a piece of sandpaper and some wallpaper can infuse them with a fresh lease on life. And let us not forget the floors. Retiling can prove to be a very expensive project. Well, peel-and-stick flooring achieves the same visual effect, presents a very easy-to-clean option (especially), and gives you much more freedom to express your creativity.

Improve the bathroom’s sustainability

The moves you have at your disposal are pretty much endless and range from using paints with better thermal performance and window treatments to getting in touch with hot water systems professionals and swapping your old unit for something more efficient, preferably solar-powered. And let us not forget the water conversation. Investing some money into low-flow toilets, fixtures, and showers can dramatically trim down the volume of water you waste on an annual basis. All these touches will add to your bathroom’s sustainability and recoup the money you’ve invested as time goes by.

Use open shelving units

Open shelving is a very beautiful, simple, and affordable option. And what makes it even better is that this type of storage makes everything you put into it. Have you ever heard about design vignettes? You arrange a couple of simple objects in some creative manner and you have your own small display art piece. Well, being colorful and creative looking as they are, regular bathroom objects like soaps, towels, sponges, and salts lend themselves to this idea rather stunningly. So, ditch the old, massive cabinets, give your bathroom more room to breathe, and use vignettes to unleash your inner artist.

Bring in the plants

They play along with pretty much any style you are aiming for. If you are going for the Japandi we have proposed above, they will fit into the naturalistic and wood-clad environment. If your room is more streamlined or industrial, they will create an interesting juxtaposition. Also, we would like to remind you that indoor plants have a very positive effect on mental health as well as air quality. So, whatever you are doing, be sure to bring a couple of indoor plants in. Of course, keeping in mind the setting, opt for varieties like Philodendron, String of Pearls, and Peace Lily that thrive in shaded, humid areas.

Repaint your bathtub

Replacing the bathtub may be out of the scope of a casual summer season remodeling. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something if you are dissatisfied with how your bathtub looks. A simple bathtub refinish followed by a paint job will bring this piece to its former glory and give you free hands to play with whatever color and pattern ideas you have on your mind. For extra points, be sure to replace the showerhead and faucet as well. This won’t cost you a fortune but it will complement your hard work. The bathtub is a centerpiece of every bathroom so the effort you put here will count.

Grace the environment with a bit of art

Who says bathrooms are not suitable for displaying selected art pieces? Art elevates any space it inhabits, and bathrooms, more than any other rooms, need that touch of elevation. But, keep your efforts under control. The law of diminishing returns says that the more art pieces you bring in the more they will lose their allure. And, everything we’ve done so far was moving away from the visual clutter. So, keep your artistic efforts concentrated on one accent wall, and, ideally, use only one standout piece. You can surround this focal point with a couple of other less attention-grabbing details.


Well, we hope you enjoyed this short roundup of some of the most creative and budget-friendly to overhaul your bathroom and give it some long overdue love and attention. Most people tend to give this room an unflattering, utilitarian label. But, the truth is that how pleasant and enjoyable some areas will turn out to be depends only on the work and care we put into it. Well, your bathroom is waiting.  Now, roll up your sleeves and turn it into your small oasis of joy and happiness.