The idea of improving your home and making it look more beautiful (and more to your tastes) is a lovely one, but we all know that home renovation is not for sissies. 

Major projects can be exorbitantly expensive, take months on end, and even require you to leave your living space for periods of time while all the construction and noise are taking place. 

Fortunately, there are ways to improve the aesthetics and feel of your home without the need for bringing contractors onto your property – because you can do them yourself! Here are just a few ideas:

Redoing the Flooring

While certain flooring projects will definitely require the help of professionals, there are also loads of options that can easily be tackled DIY-style and still look absolutely incredible. 

For example, vinyl plank flooring is quick and easy to lay yourself, and it will look like you have stunning new wooden floorboards (without the annoying upkeep). You could also lay tiles and even fresh carpeting yourself if you have the right tools and a tutorial to follow! Upgrading your flooring is an easy way to bring any room back to life. 

Painting Walls and Ceilings

Another simple and affordable way to revive a room that’s looking a little drab or tired is a quick splash of paint. We all know how to paint a wall (and you can look online for tips to do a better job) so there’s nothing standing in your way here. 

Painting your walls or ceilings could be a way to freshen up the space, or you could transform it into something completely new with a different colour, bold designs, or even a feature wall. Consider DIY panelling, big mirrors, using patterned wallpaper, or painting a mural! 

Installing a Backsplash

For most of us, that space behind our kitchen or bathroom sink can get a little worn and shabby looking. Luckily, it’s yet another easy space to upgrade and improve without professional assistance or a massive budget. 

In fact, upgrading your backsplash is as easy as purchasing some stick-on tiles! Of course, this option is less durable, but its affordable enough that they could be replaced every couple of months without breaking the bank. Alternatively, laying tiling yourself is still easily accomplished with the right materials. 

Updating Light Fixtures

Lighting plays a huge role in the feeling of a room, but so does the look of the lighting fixture, and this is something you can change with the snap of your fingers. 

Simply invest in a new, stylish fixture that can be purchased from any local hardware or home store. All you need to do then is follow the instructions on the packaging (or look online for help), and you can have an updated and modern addition to your lighting setup. 

Refinishing Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets somehow always seem to be the feature in a home that looks the most outdated. Luckily, there are a few different tricks you can try out to update and improve their look. 

A fresh coat of paint in a trendy colour can completely transform your kitchen. Additionally, you can easily remove the handles and replace them with something fun and modern, too. If you’re up for a slightly bigger project, you can replace the cupboard doors with glass-fitted ones or remove them completely for a rustic open shelving style look. 

Building a Custom Shelving Unit

If your home is low on built-in storage, there’s nothing stopping you from adding in your own! Of course, purchasing a shelving unit from a furniture store will be simple. However, this is usually a lot more expensive (and a lot less fun) than building it yourself.

With some wood and some simple tools, you can design and build a shelving unit that exactly fits your needs and the space you have available to you. Make sure to check out some ideas, tutorials, and safety tips online before starting a building project.

Installing a New Faucet

Finally, another one of those pesky, outdated fixtures in most homes is the faucet and the taps. However, this is luckily yet another example of a fixture that’s quick and easy to upgrade yourself.
Invest in a new fixture from a hardware or homeware store that suits your aesthetic and the style you want. Then, it’s a quick and simple process to take off the old ones and replace them with your new addition. Make sure to turn off the main water supply before messing with the pipes!