Metal in Interior Design

In the realm of interior design, your ability to craft a vision into reality and create spaces that speak volumes is a true art form. When you decorate a room, each element is carefully considered, from the colour palette to the choice of furniture. Still, it’s often the distinctive, bespoke features that set a space apart and elevate its design beyond the ordinary. Thinking outside the box is crucial for every interior designer, and looking at unconventional design ideas is the best way to transform a home or room in a unique way.

When it comes to adding a touch of unconventional luxury to your interior design projects, bespoke metal creations – particularly those crafted from copper and brass – offer an unparalleled opportunity to shape ambience and atmosphere and give an edge to a property’s interior style.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how we can use metal features to make small but powerful changes to your interior design…

Copper Kitchen Plinths: The Heart of the Home

A kitchen is not just a space for culinary creations; it’s where the heart of a home resides.

Kitchen plinths, the thin strips underneath your kitchen cupboard, are often overlooked. Drawing attention to these areas with characterful copper materials is a unique way to infuse elegance and functionality into your design. The subtle metallic glow of the plinths softly reflects light and sets the perfect stage for your culinary adventures.

Brass Cooker Hoods: Functional and Aesthetic Brilliance

Extractor cooker hoods play a crucial role in ventilating your kitchen and maintaining air quality. With something so essential to a room, it only makes sense to match them to your interior design aesthetics.

When crafted from brass, they become functional works of art. Opting for bespoke metal cooker hoods means you can take creative freedom on the shape, size and colour to match your style and make a bold design statement or an effortless blend into the kitchen setting.

Metal Cupboard Doors: Hidden Elegance

The kitchen is a place of warmth and hospitality, but it’s also a place where functionality meets style. Metal cupboard doors, whether in the kitchen or elsewhere else in your home, offer a subtle yet impactful touch.

The integration of brass or copper cupboard doors can transform your storage spaces. The unique, often patinated metal surfaces can be a beautiful contrast to the surroundings, making even the most basic element of storage a real conversation piece.

Metal Wall Panels: Shaping Ambiance and Atmosphere

For those who appreciate the impact of texture and material, brass or copper wall panels are the perfect choice.

These panels can be used to create unique feature walls that not only add depth and character to a space but also interplay with the lighting and shadows. Metal wall panels can be used as a TV backdrop or as an eye-catching decorative feature in your living room. And when you add a reflective glossy lacquer to the metal, it can create a stunning visual effect that makes the walls come alive.

Copper Baths: Lounging in Luxury

For bathrooms, relaxation and self-care are the focus, and what better way to enhance this experience than with luxurious copper bath panels and bathtubs?

Just imagine a deep, soaking bath in a lavish copper bathtub, or looking up at the timeless copper panels that deliver a warm welcome to the room. Copper’s ability to retain heat also ensures that your bathing experience is nothing short of pure indulgence.

Metal Stair Risers: Elevating the Ordinary

Staircases are usually seen as practical parts of a home, but with a touch of style, they can become real showstoppers. While they may often be overlooked in home decor, adding something like brass or copper stair risers can make your staircase more than just a way to get from one floor to another.

The metallic sheen of brass or the rustic feel of copper doesn’t just enhance the visual appeal, it effortlessly blends modern and traditional design to transform such a neglected element into an unmissable statement in the home.

Bespoke Wall Art and Letters: Personal Touches

Finally, to add a personal touch to your interior design, consider bespoke metal art or letters to decorate empty walls.

For example, brass or copper wall art can create tasteful decorations that complement a room and metal lettering can be used for making inspirational quotes or meaningful phrases that illustrate one’s character and personality.

Metal wall art like this not only serves as decorative features but also makes a house a home.

Bespoke metal creations in interior design are the hallmarks of unconventional luxury. Each piece offers the opportunity to craft a unique and captivating atmosphere that seamlessly blends the art of design with the functionality of everyday living, making your spaces not only beautiful but also deeply personal.

For interior designers and architects, the use of bespoke metal creations like this is a novel way to shape interiors that are as distinctive as they are inviting, luxurious, and inspirational.