Japandi light fixtures are elegant and practical – in my opinion, they should be simple, sleek designs that bring warmth to your home.

For me, the Japandi style is all about the minimalistic elegance of Japanese design with the functional simplicity of Scandi interior design

So, the ideal light fixture embodies these two aesthetics: it should be sleek and clean-lined, but warm and inviting. 

Natural materials such as wood or bamboo are popular in Japandi design, but you might also find metal fixtures with a matte or brushed finish that align with this style.

Function And Purpose

Like any light fixture, a Japandi one should suit its intended purpose. Whether you need ambient lighting for a calm, relaxing atmosphere, task lighting for focused work, or accent lighting to highlight a particular design element, your light should serve its role effectively.

Light Quality

Japandi lights tend to be soft and natural, avoiding harsh or overly bright lights. I find that a warm, diffused glow is what you’re often aiming for – so your bulb choice can be crucial! 

japandi pendant light

Popular Japandi Light Fixtures

Here are a few types of lights I often use in Japandi design:

Japandi Pendant Lights

I find Japandi pendant lights are excellent for providing both ambient and task lighting. 

Whether hanging over a dining table or a kitchen island, they can infuse your space with a warm, inviting glow.

japandi light fixture

Japandi Floor Lamps

Japandi floor lamps, usually made of wood or bamboo, can serve as statement pieces in a room. 

Great for creating cozy corners. 

Japandi designs often lean towards minimalism, with slender, unobtrusive profiles which I adore.

Japandi Table Lamps

Table lamps in the Japandi style often combine functionality and work to bring out the shapes and edges in your other pieces of Japandi furniture

I look for designs with natural materials and a soft, diffused light.

japandi light fixtures

Japandi Wall Sconces

I love the way that wall sconces in a simple design, with a matte finish, for example, can provide soft, indirect light that’s much less harsh than main overhead lighting.

Japandi Ceiling Lights

From flush mounts to semi-flush mounts, my goal with Japandi ceiling lights is always to provide ambient lighting that can set the tone for the entire room, but go really bright if they need to for focus tasks. 

Try to look for organic materials, such as wood, and uncomplicated designs. 

Japandi Chandeliers

Japandi chandeliers aren’t particularly common, because Japandi lighting is far from the ornate, crystal-laden fixtures you might imagine. 

If you do want a chandelier in your Japandi design, lean towards minimalistic design and subdued elegance instead. 

They certainly can add a touch of understated luxury to dining areas or living rooms.

japandi chandelier

Japandi light fixtures for bedrooms

I think creating a calming bedroom environment is at the core of Japandi design, so your choice of lighting is really important.

For general lighting, your ceiling light should be simple with a low-profile design, and I try to use a dimmer switch if possible.

But I find relying on table and floor lamps can create a warmer space compared to overhead fixtures.

Table lamps on bedside tables are an excellent choice for task lighting, perfect for reading before bedtime.

I encourage using wall sconces too for indirect, mood-setting lighting for your Japandi bedroom aesthetic.


Japandi lighting for living rooms

For ambient lighting in your Japandi-style living room, again try to think about table lamps and floor lamps that work as excellent sources of task lighting that don’t overwhelm the whole room.

I gravitate towards high-quality lamps can double as striking Japandi style decor pieces.

You can also use accent lighting to highlight architectural features, Japandi art, or plants in your home. Wall sconces, spotlights, or pendant lights, for example, are great Japandi light fixture options.

Don’t forget a stunning Japandi fireplace can bring warmth and natural light to your home while acting as a beautiful centrepiece.

japandi lamps

Japandi light fixtures for bathrooms

Fixtures with minimalistic designs and organic materials such as wood or bamboo are great for a Japandi bathroom – try to create Scandinavian spa-like energy. 

Remember to choose warm, gentle lighting that’s flattering but still provides enough light for practical purposes (vanity lights are important for tasks like grooming). 

I always stress that Japandi style is partly about practicality, so don’t sacrifice it for aesthetics or you’ll lose the peace of mind that functional living brings. 

Also, a small, sleek wall sconce might be able to highlight a beautiful sink or an architectural feature in your bathroom – think outside the box!

japandi desk lamp

Japandi lighting for Kitchens

Firstly, you’ll need good general lighting in your Japandi kitchen.  

While Japandi is about calming spaces, the kitchen is an area that demands bright lighting for functionality – cooking in the dark is not fun!

I find pendant lights made from natural materials like wood or bamboo can provide this, especially over your dining table or kitchen island. 

But also, under-cabinet lighting can illuminate your workspace, making cooking and prepping safer and easier. And when they’re off, they’re completely out of sight, which is perfect for Japandi design. 

japandi style lighting
japandi lamp

How to find vintage Japandi lighting?

Finding vintage Japandi lighting involves looking for pieces that combine simplicity, natural materials, and functional design. Consider visiting local thrift shops, antique stores, or online marketplaces like Etsy or eBay. Look for lamps with natural or muted colors, and with a minimalist aesthetic.

How to choose a Japandi table lamp?

When choosing a Japandi table lamp, look for designs that incorporate natural materials such as wood or ceramics. The design should be simple, functional, and minimalist, with clean lines and muted colors. The lamp should also provide a warm, soft light to enhance the cozy, calming Japandi ambiance.

How to choose Japandi lighting for living room?

Choose Japandi lighting that complements the natural, minimalist aesthetic of your living room. This could include floor lamps with wooden stands or pendant lights in soft, neutral colors. The lighting should create a warm and inviting space, and ideally, it should also be dimmable to allow for adjustable mood lighting.

How to choose Japandi lighting for bedroom?

In a Japandi-style bedroom, choose lighting fixtures that emanate a soft, warm light to enhance the serene and restful atmosphere. Wall sconces, bedside lamps, or ceiling lights with a simple, minimalist design can work well. Aim for lighting that highlights the natural materials in the room and complements the overall muted color palette.